• A weekly newsletter (both in English and in Spanish) that summarizes the evolution of most macroeconomic indicators, including monetary and financial variables


  • A monthly newsletter in English that analyzes in more depth the macroeconomic perspectives, especially regarding growth, fiscal accounts, inflation, interest rates and the exchange rate and current issues of the Argentine Economy


  • Presentations in company analyzing Argentine recent economic developments and the international context


  • A quarterly presentation (in Power Point format) with graphs and tables on the current stance and perspectives of the Argentine Economy


  • Risk Monitor (in English and Spanish, with monthly frequency) that allows following relevant variables and detecting the main risks and weaknesses of the Argentine economy.


  • Access to quarterly group conference calls (in English) on the Argentine economic outlook

  • Access to questions on specific issues through e-mail and phone calls

  • Access to our data-bases and forecasts of the Argentine economy and financial system variables

  • Detailed long-term forecasts and alternative scenarios as input for budget formulation

  • Specific studies on macroeconomic and financial issues