Weekly Reports

“Fair Prices” and Inflation: It Sure Works This Time

First week
of February 2023
Last Friday the Ministry of Finance relaunched the program called "Fair Prices" in which prices of some 50,000 products were agreed, including mass consumption items and others such as cell phones. Beyond the fact that the calendar marked the need to renew the program signed last October, the moment coincided with a...

Rates Go Up and Down on a Flimsy Architecture

Fourth week
of January 2023
The government's main concern is clearly the value of the market dollar; the informal, the MEP and BCS. Beyond the monetary illusion that invades society and that makes possible headlines such as "Dollar price hits record", the truth is that the government is uncomfortable with the informal rate approaching 400 peso...

The Reasons for the Improvement in Argentine Asset Prices

Second week
of January 2023
In recent weeks, Argentine assets have had a spectacular comeback. Country risk fell under 2,000 basis points last week after having touched 2,927 bps in the winter, with several series of Argentine sovereign bonds trading below 20 cents for each dollar. Today those bonds still yield a lot, but they are worth 50% mo...

There Is No Possible Recovery Without Institutions

Fourth week
of December 2022
At Econviews we will not discuss the constitutionality of the measure that the government took in 2020 and that the Supreme Court has just overruled. It is not our specialty. We’re on the numbers. The decision is very important for the City of Buenos Aires, but it is relatively little money for the national governme...

A Week of Good News, but There Are Important Battles Ahead

Third week
of December 2022
Last week was clearly a week of good news. Yesterday, Argentina beat France by penalties, achieving its third World Cup. In the economy, the government celebrated on Wednesday one of the best auctions in several months where it managed not only to renew maturities but also to raise a good part of the money necessary...