Weekly Reports

Chainsaw Challenges

First week
of December 2023
Most economists (including those of us at Econviews) believe that fiscal adjustment is a necessary condition to stabilize the economy. That is to say, Javier Milei has the correct diagnosis. The chainsaw analogy he used in the campaign was somewhat explicit, but no less correct. Not that the other macroeconomic chal...

Milei Promises Pro-market Policies... Can He Deliver?

Fourth week
of November 2023
Finally it's Milei, hope won over fear and the vote was for change. But the path facing the economy is complex. We are not going to travel on a highway, on the contrary, it is a winding road, bogged down and full of obstacles in which if everything goes well in the end we can reach the enchanting valley, but nothing...

There Is No Promised Land Without a Season in the Desert

Second week
of November 2023
The Argentine economy accumulates many important problems. It has negative net reserves, Soviet exchange restrictions, an overappreciated exchange rate, 12 months without growth, inflation that has a floor of 180% for this year, and more than 40% of people are below the poverty line. There will be a primary fiscal d...

Waiting for the Turbulence of December: 2015 Reloaded?

Fifth week
of October 2023
Everything indicates that we are going to have a turbulent December. Memories of other turbulent summers intensify, such as February 1989, which marked the beginning of hyperinflation, or December 2001, when the most traumatic crisis in our history began. In this context, questions are intensifying regarding what ma...

Are We in the Eighties With Electricity and Smartphones?

Fourth week
of September 2023
With each passing week the feeling that the Argentine economy is approaching the one we experienced in the eighties cannot be avoided. It does not mean that the situation will be exactly the same nor that hyperinflation cannot be avoided. In fact, we fervently believe that an event of such magnitude can be avoided.